Monday, December 31, 2007

My Pet Peeves (TV Pop-Ups)


Pop-up’s on the T.V. screen telling you what you’re watching and what’s coming on next, or next week or even next month, why can’t they just wait until next week or next month to blab it, and when they do, do it while a commercial is on ? Have you ever been watching a good spy movie or one that was using multiple languages and when the caption was on screen, a pop-up covers it up and you don’t know what was said? Well the statement that was covered up with a pop-up might have been critical to understanding the whole plot!! Boy that gets my goat! Then you are sitting there wondering why they are doing this or that in the movie, the entire movie has lost its plot, ever watched a plotless movie???
I have a little hand held box with a bunch of little buttons on it, I can push one of them that will tell me what will be coming on next, if I’m interested, that is!! It even has a button that if I choose to push it, it will tell me what channel is on and what is playing.
I use to have a 25” TV that we watched and the news media was blocking out about 15%, sometimes more, of the screen with pop-up’s or scrolling news reports along the bottom of the screen, and their network information and what channel they are on, like you didn’t already know what channel or news network you were watching, on top of that! Well, I thought to myself, I’ll fix that! So, we went to town and bought a BIG screen TV, you know, one of those $1,300.00+ jobs….! Well guess what, you guessed it, The pop-ups were BIGGER too… real smart huh? Same problem…!

Then here’s the BIG’n,
Commercials that last longer than the movie segments!! I do realize that commercials help keep the networks on the air, but I pay quality $$$ to get the programming on my TV!! Why do I even have to sit through these commercials in the first place?? Could you PLEASE answer that for me ?
I just wonder if there’s anyone out there that feels the same way, or am I just too hard to please..?

This is just one man’s opinion.
What do you think….?