Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve
Another one of my pet peeves are people who park in handicapped parking places just because they are driving someone else’s vehicle with a handicap plate or mirror hangtag, that doesn’t mean that they are legally parked while in the handicapped space! On one occasion I was walking out of a supermarket when a pickup with a handicap plate on it pulled into a handicap parking space. A man of about 35 years old and 2 young boys, one about 12 years old and the other about 8, or 9 years old got out of the truck. The younger boy asked his dad if he was supposed to park there the dad said, “That’s ok, that’s grandpa’s truck.” Like the truck was handicapped? I’ve seen people pull into a handicap space and the driver jumps out and run into the store while the handicapped person sits in the vehicle and waits. I know a young lady that would barrow her grandmother’s mirror tag when she would go to the store! What’s wrong with these people? If they ever had to handle a wheel chair, or have to walk with crutches across a parking lot maybe, just maybe they would understand what these handicap spaces really mean to the people who really need them!
And remember, ---
You cannot un-say a cruel or unkind word.


BClark said...

Hi Hello I came over because your better half said you were under the weather. So get well quick!! Loved your post about the handicap spots, those people are dumber then stumps.

Best to you Barbara

Jo said...

Very well said!!


Mike Golch said...

J.D. how about the idiots that donot even had a handicap plat or mirror tag? with my asthma and seizures I need to be as close to the store entrance as I can.

Aisha said...

I totally agree!

Renie Burghardt said...


Terrible! People have no shame!


Cute Girl aka Allie said...

hi jd... i do not blog hop often but mike mentioned your post on grandma hands a few months back... I've finally found my way here to look at it as I've just caught up on mike's blog today... anywho although we are complete strangers, I just need to add my two cents to your post.

while it may be true that people are occassionally ignorant, this does not allow for such abuse of one of the few benefits that truly handycapped people recieve. i had an ex boyfriend who tried using his mom's card on a date because there was no other parking. i politely refused to go to dinner until either we picked somewhere else or waited for a different spot to open up. needless to say that relationship did not last long but at least one person understood that there is something soooooooo wrong with working over the system and abusing some one else's small and very necessary privelege. with my health problems i am still blessed to not be majorly handicapped and take pride in the extra long walk through the parking lot... if only more people would understand the harm in their actions, i think handicapped parking would be the least of our worries! hugs for you and major kudos on this post. Allie

Sage Gray said...

boy are you correct on this. I see it happening all the time. I use a cane and have asthma and can't get a handycapped permit