Thursday, February 21, 2008


Good morning everyone.... *S*
Well we got up this morning to about 7 degrees out, sure was hard rolling out from under those warm covers. Just think, (its 37 degrees in Fairbanks Alaska..!!!) We got a little more snow early this morning and it covered my shoveled out walkway to the wood shed, guess I will have to do it again. I push the wheel barrow around to the wood shed, fill it with firewood and push it back to the front porch which is at ground level where the back porch is 3-1/2 feet off the ground. Then I prop the front door open and push it into the living room and stack the wood in its place near the heater. That beats haling it in arm load by arm load. With hard surface floors rather than carpet, cleanup is a snap.
When I added the living room and bedroom, I insulated the floors with 1” Styrofoam placed tight at the bottom of the floor joists leaving a 6” dead air space thinking this would do the trick. Also the addition, as is the existing structure, is skirted to the ground to keep the wind out to protect the water lines and such. Well,…. I plan to get under there this summer and add 6” fiberglass insulation……. !

This picture was taken just as I was getting started on the addition. I had just finished getting the support’s laid out and leveled getting ready for the floor beams and joists.
The average pitch on our property is 36” drop every 20’, not too bad!
Appx 1-3/4” on 12”

This picture was taken from about the same angle as the first while under construction. This should have been an evening, rather than a morning shot so everything would have been clearer.
The 2 windows on the back, the one up high and the one down low, open during the warm weather for draft that creates natural air conditioning


Hope said...

Hey J.D.,
Thanks for stopping by my humble blog and leaving me a comment.

As for my name, Hope, my mother had her own reason why she named me that..she said she was "hoping" she wouldn't have any more babies!! Well, it worked..I was the last!! Maybe she finally figured out what was causing it! LOL

I love Jo's blog and you're right, she does have a way with words. But I also like the simplicity of yours too. I love your place on the mountain. You two are living my dream and I'll definitely be back to see what the two of you are up to. I want to know the history of how you all happened to be on this mountain..was your house already there? Now there's something for you to blog about!!

Jo may have already answered all my questions so I'm going back through her archives to read.

Oh yeah, about insulation!! We need some in the worst way under this old house. Our floors are so cold in the winter!! :o)

Take care,

Mike Golch said...

to steal a saying from a show long ago "LOOKIN GOOOOOD" let's see if any one remenbers where I stold that one from.HA.