Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Streets of San Francisco


After being elected as one of four delegates by my Union brothers and sisters to represent our Local Union, Local Lodge 470 district 161 out of Lake Charles, La, at The International Association Of Machinists and Aerospace Workers International Convention in San Francisco Ca. in September ‘2000’.

R to L
Terry Taylor, B.R., Greg Conrad, Pres., J.D. Dupree R.S. and Floyd Wesson Del.
Our District and Local delegates.

Sightseeing was at a minimum because we only had a week to take care of business but was able to squeeze in a few shots that I would like to share with you. There is one thing for sure, if you want to see it, just stand on any corner for a short while and you won’t be disappointed! This one is a life size billboard on a sidewalk!

I know you all have seen detective movies where the cops
are chasing the bad guys up and down the, ‘Streets of San Francisco’
and wonder if the streets are really that bad, well you can believe it!

Here is a good shot of the Bay from a high spot on one of the streets.

Our greatest disappointment was the Golden Gate Bridge; it was almost totally
hidden from view because of the fog! The fog was like this the entire week!

While we were out on the Crouse, we did get a good shot of,
‘The Rock’, that famous Prison, ‘Alcatraz’

Jo and I even rode on the famous Rice a Roni Trolley car,
They have it on the turntable which is still operated by hand.

It only takes 2 people to turn it around. The ride we took on
it might not be such a big deal but we will always remember that ride.

San Francisco’s finest came out to insure our safety,
And to assist in any way they could, Thanks guys
Ed Asner was a guest speaker at the convention and Brother Tom Buffenbarger, our international President, presented him with a certificate stating that he is an honorary member of the I.A.M.-A.W

Toward the end of our convention, all the delegates and their spouses were invited to an elaborate banquet with just about anything you could want to eat or drink. The only rule was, if you were bashful, you did without
These two couples were representing their Local Unions,
one from North Dakota, the other from South Dakota.

This statue was a hum-dinger, we walked right by it and a
little boy and his mom was right behind us …..
And when the statue leaned over to shake the little boy’s hand,
his mom had to hold on to him, because he was vacating the area!
His mom and the statue convinced him to shake his hand.
We even watched this guy stack rocks! Now they are just rocks,
no glue or anything holding them there but gravity and balance!

Pier 39 after dark at Fisherman’s Warf
A view of a typical corner from the ‘Rice a Roni Trolley.’

I have 2 more CD’s of pictures and wish I had time to go through them all and show them all to you, but that wouldn’t be practical. I hope you enjoyed these…


oldcrow61 said...

Hi JD, thanks for visiting my blog. I've heard that San Francisco is an interesting city. Looks like you had a great time there. Enjoyed the pictures.

Kevin said...

Great picture of the bridge

Mike Golch said...

J.D.,Thanks for the trip down memory lane.I lived in Sacramento and it is about an hour drive to S.F.I used to go and hang out there sometimes my friends and I would run down there on a sat or a sun just to spend the day in town.