Monday, February 25, 2008

How we got here

I recieved a comment from a blogger friend, ‘Hope’, who wanting to know just how we happened to be here in the Little House on the Mountain. Well it was a challenge to say the least. As I said in a previous post that I retired in October of 2003. By this time we had already had everything sorted out and ready to hit the road. We had been living in a camper trailer, a 29’, 2 bedroom job for 3 years before I retired. It wasn’t bad at all with only the two of us and there was plenty of room.
We moved the camper up here to Southern Ohio and parked it in a camper park and lived there while we looked for something anchored to the ground. We went to a realtor and found several places for sale and we looked at them and just couldn’t believe what they were asking for what was in bad need of repair…! The realtor dug way down to the bottom of the pile of paperwork and came up with one she had listed. She gave us the address and we rode out to look at it. We drove and drove and finally came to a cleared out place along side of the road with just enough room to park the car. There was a stone lined walkway that winded down through the shoulder high weeds, briers and tall grass to a house that we couldn’t see! Jo wouldn’t go through that jungle, she said “You go ahead; I’ll wait in the car…….” After I went for a look around, I told her that she had to come and look at it, and finally agreed to look and was impressed. Jo and I went back to look at it again, then the realtor came out with the key and we were both taken by the condition of the inside, it was as neat as a pin, very well kept!
I really liked what I saw and so did Jo; there was a small clearing around the house which was the yard, the house was 130’ back from the parking area. I could see the potential. From that time forward, I would compare this house, property, and price to every place we looked at and kept coming up with this one. But, we kept looking, I bet we’ve been up and down almost every back road in southern Ohio, and after about 4 months and 5000 miles, we decided on The Little House On The Mountain..!! We’ve doubled the square footage and are planning a large deck off to the side with a fire pit in the yard. There’s still a lot of work to be done and I think we can handle it ok……
There have been additions to the area that are eye sores, but when the leaves are out during the summer, we can’t see anyone else….
LOVE Mother Nature…!!


Loannah said...

Hi JD! You're so lucky to be "living with mother nature". I'm jealous!!!! Have a great day! Btw, I changed my url to

Jo said...

Reading this post sure did bring back a lot of memories. We sure did travel some back roads those months didn't we???

I have tagged you for a meme. Come by Bits and Pieces for the instructions. I know how much you enjoy taking part in

Hope said...

Hi JD,
Sorry it took me a while to get here. I've been "under the weather" today.

Thank you so much for sharing your story for me. Very interesting. I got tickled when I read the part where Jo didn't want to brave the high weeds and briars! My hubby and I looked at a farm where the house had almost disappeared under weeds...and it was a two-story house!! LOL I'm glad you braved that path and found what seems to be the perfect spot for you two.

Ok, now that you've shared that I'm ready for some spring and summer pictures on that new deck!! :o)

Take care and thanks again for recounting your story for me.

Mike Golch said...

J.D.sounds like you found your little piece of paradise.Good for you and yours.The best part is that is here in Buckeye land.Sorry if I sound a little prejudgice,I was born and raised here!