Saturday, February 2, 2008

Logger's Trash

Another pet Peeves

Today I made my way down the mountain to get some gas for my truck and to air up the tires on my utility trailer which had lost pressure during the cold spell the last week or so. As I was on my way down, I looked at the area where the logging Co. had left all their trimmings, an ugly site to behold!

Well I noticed that someone had cut some of the trimmings up into smaller chunks. They had been there for over a month so I thought, if someone had planned to take them, they must have changed their mind. They were not stacked but laying at random and scattered all over the place, they were cut just the right size for me to load into my empty trailer, so I did…! That one area looks a little better now..

I got a generous pile of fire wood; better me using it than letting it rot! If I get real rambunctious this summer, I just might clear the whole mess up in that area, it makes good fire wood..! Can’t wait until all the leaves come out, that will help hide the trash the logging companies left laying around..

And while I sat there looking at all the clear cut area, I said to myself, I said, self I sure do hope this road don’t slide off down the hill! It seems to me that the people who clear cut these hills would think just a little bit past their noses! Like, what will happen to the soil if we get a lot of rain, will it just slide off? I wonder what their answer would be, oh well, we don’t live around here anyway…? I think that all lumber companies should have to plant 2 seedlings for every tree they cut, and be restricted from clear cutting! But you know as well as I that money talks..!
And never forget:
You cannot ‘Unsay’ a cruel or unkind word.
Note –
These pictures were taken on 2/2/08, I forgot to reset the date when I replaced the batteries.


Cajun Huguenot said...

Hello J.D.

I can say that we agree on clear cutting.

I work at the ConocoPhillips and I'm also an acive member of our union. Even if I don't agree with who we choose to support at times, I do believe unions are important.

I am sure you must have known my brother, Gerry. He was a Carpenter at PPG also, but he died of cancer four years ago. (I have wrote about him here:

Your place in the mountains looks like a great place to live and retire to. I will be checking with you and add your blog to my favorites.


Cajun Huguenot said...


I have another blog that is a more day to day blog. It is here: