Friday, March 7, 2008

The Blizzard

Ok, Ok, I know I’ve been lazy..!! But don’t forget, I’m retired, so I’m allowed..!! *S*
It looks as though we’ve gotten our BLIZZARD we were promised and it looks as though we will be snowed in with this one. But I do have to pat myself on the back; we were just about out of firewood, had about 2 more days worth left in the wood shed day before yesterday. So I called my source and made arrangements to pick some up yesterday, Boy, am I glad I did, I got 3 load’s and the snow starts this morning, whew..!! After I got it unloaded out of the truck, and covered it up in the utility trailer I sighed a tremendous sigh of relief, and silently said, “Thank you Lord”. I know He was looking out for me because the man I get my wood from had to take off and go buy a new chain saw because his old one went out on him, Not only that, he sprained his ankle and couldn’t finish the job on his own so his dad came to his house and finished the job for him! So again, Thank you Lord…!!!
Now here Jo and I are in a warm house watching ‘Him’ cover everything here on the mountain with His blanket…….
Have a great day…………..JD


Anonymous said...

Hi JD,

Thanks for tagging me but unfortunately I don't know enough other blogs to pass this on... I tend to run out of time with my northern zoo ! Actually, we do dogtours for guests as a little business and we had this fantastic weather and everything went smooth.. so what is the feeling ? who will be the next President ?

Take care

Yasmine from the really warm Yukon !! everything is melting right now but winter will be back...

Mike Golch said...

Hi J.D. I was begginng to think that you were sick or something since you have not posted a blog.
Oh by the way,I've tagged you for a meme,this is not bad all you have to do is put up a quote,come on over for a visit and you will see what I mean.Mike

Mike Golch said...

OOPS,I forgot that I have tagged you once this will be the last tag that I'll do to you,OK

Hope said...

JD, looks like the Lord really was looking out for you and Jo. Being there in a warm house on a mountain with snow everywhere sounds like heaven to me!! I always said, though, that if I ever moved to a mountain top like I always wanted to do, it would have to be with somebody I REALLY loved and REALLY enjoyed spending a lot of time with!!

Like I told Jo, ya'll just snuggle up there and keep warm. You already seem to enjoy each other's company!


stadtgarten said...

Dear J.D., thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
Do you still have snow?
We have had a very stormy day today and spring seems to be far away now.
Kind regards from Germany, Monika

Lou said...

Hi JD,

Just giving you a peek! I hope everything is great with you.

Best regards,

MYSTI said...

The Lord certainly works in wonderful ways! I am glad you and your wife made it through the storm not only safely but with lots of warmth!