Saturday, March 15, 2008

Double Jeopardy

Well, I guess I’ve come down with that dreaded, “Writer’s Block”… I’ve been reading a few blogs trying to get some good ideas on something to write about. The only thing that I got an idea about was from a documentary I saw on TV last night about a man in Texas who was acquitted of the murder of his wife. The FBI brought him up on the same murder, DUH, I have always been taught that that was against our constitution! That it’s double jeopardy…!! Whether or not he was really guilty is beside the point, it’s still wrong. Just before the second trial was to begin, he skipped the country and went to, I think it was Holland, The FBI tried to extradite him back to the USA but the Holland authorities would not send him back as long as they were going to try him again on the same charge he was acquitted on in the first place. They even knew it was wrong! So the FBI agreed not to re-try him on that charge and he was sent back. All he was charged with was passport and I.D. fraud and was sentenced for that, and now, the FBI said they think they know a way they can circumvent their agreement with Holland and try him again on the same charge anyway after he serves his time for passport and I.D. fraud!
It’s my opinion, ok? That if the FBI gets away with this, and does re-try this man on the same charge that he was acquitted on, and is NOT termed Double Jeopardy, what is in store for you, me, and everyone else who one day may be charged with a crime, will they try us 2 times for the same crime, or 3, 4, 5, or more until they find a jury that will hand down a GUILTY verdict????
Am I the only one who feels this way?
What do you think??


Mike Golch said...

I donot know what to think once you are aquited of a murder i thought that that was it.Guess I'm wrong.

Hope said...

Hi JD,
I just don't know what to make of this! As my mother would say, "Upon my word and honor!" There have been criminals, especially child molesters, that I have thought should be tried, hanged, then tried and hanged again! But I always thought the double jeopardy law was a firm deal. I'll have to check this out and read more about it!


MYSTI said...

I did not think they could try a man again once he was found not guilty. I like the others thought that double jeopardy law was a firm deal. Intersting.