Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prince Harry

Another pet peeve

I was watching the news yesterday when they were showing Prince Harry in his army uniform and rifle and making a big deal out of the fact that he was in Iraqi fighting the terrorists. DUH, how many of those terrorists would like to get hold of him?? This morning I see where he is pulled out for his safety! I mean, Hey, plaster it all over the TV and radio!! Just think how high their ratings would go, or haw many news papers they would sale if he were captured, or worse, killed, God forbid! It’s hard for me to understand and wonder just how far ahead the reporters and even editors look before printing things like this; does it even make a difference to them? It reminds me of an earlier post of mine about the news media telling everyone where and when a DUI checkpoint would be! Then report that their efforts are not doing enough good to justify the cost of the checkpoints!
It appears that something isn’t right!
It’s just my opinion. Tell me what you think


Mike Golch said...

J.D. He was actually in afganistan,and when the the media lit it be know that he was there he was pulled out of his duty assignment because he is third in line after all.Must be nice to be a high mucky muck and not have to worry about being in harms way.

Hope said...

Hi JD,
This reminds me of 911 when the media reported that the president and vice president were being separated so they wouldn't both be bombed and leave us with no leader, then they told where each of them were! Seems to be all about the careers, huh? Just my opinion too! :o)

Hope your doing well on the mountain!