Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another Pet Peeve

Another Pet Peeve
It is said that Wal-Mart is the leading employer in the world….. A couple of weeks ago, there was a march on Wal-Mart and the reason was unclear to me because I came in on the last half of the news report, just in time to hear the reporter say that Wal-Mart imports 70% of their stock from China..! My feelings on this are that if Wal-Mart supported AMERICAN workers by buying that 70% of products here at home, and pay their workers a reasonable rate of pay, and furnish them with an insurance plan, just think how much their employees could save, and spend more..! More taxes could be collected, hundreds of thousands people would be back to work making that 70% of products that are being imported…! I also hear that the majority of their employee’s are living at, or below the poverty level. It is also reported that the dwindling number of tax payers of this country are having to help with the cost of health care for these employees..!
It was reported on the news of one of a Columbus Ohio news stations that all the donated toys and gift bins for the needy were empty! People were not able to donate as they use to, and other charity groups around the country were not able to meet their goals this year, Think about it, if Wal-Mart supported the American worker, There would be a lot less needy families, you know the ones, the ones that have to depend on Welfare just to get by, and the one’s that can’t afford to pay their house notes and loose them. I think Ohio is high on the list of home repossessions, wonder why? Also, there would be greater tax revenue to help with supporting school districts to keep schools open instead of closing them or raising taxes on the working people! Wal-Mart is not the only one causing this problem, there are the big corporations moving their companys and jobs out of the U.S.A. and I understand that they are being given tax breaks and incentives to do so and claim that they are doing it to help enhance that country’s economy! That’s BULL CRAP…! It’s for cheap and slave labor…. And they don’t have to worry about taking care of the environment..!

This is just one man’s opinion
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