Wednesday, January 2, 2008


‘The Confession’

I must confess that when I started this blog, I intended to use it as a release to air all my frustrations in the form of, ‘Pet Peeves’. However I’ve changed my mind, blogging is new to me and as I look around at other people’s blogs, I can see that as a rule, the real intent behind blogging is to enjoy meeting people, sharing a multitude of interests and views. I've found that you can sometimes listen with your eyes, better than with your ears when you read between the lines!
Blogging will jog your memory and as you start thinking back on your past, the memories seem to spread like a spiders web, if you know what I mean. You start remembering parts of your life that you haven’t thought of for years! Some happy times, some not so happy, but hey, they’re memories…!
Anyway, I will be slipping a, ‘Pet Peeve’ in on you from time to time…….. *S*
PS: I do feel that, ‘Under God’, should remain in Our Pledge of Allegiance, AND, ‘In God We Trust’ should remain on our money…!
ALSO, I feel like WE should have the right to display the American Flag anywhere and at anytime you choose…!!

This is just one man’s opinion
What do you think….?

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