Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just thought I would give you a little background about the 2 of us, and show you what Jo and I are so proud of..!

4 years ago when Jo and I moved into our, (Little House on the Mountain), picture #1 and #2 is what we had. By the time this picture was taken, I had cut and cleaned up most of the underbrush in the front yard. It had been let go for so long that undergroth was chest high and the only access was a 3 ft. wide, stone lined walk with woodchips between the stones leading to the house. If you look at the left side of the house, you can see how thick it was. The electric meter is on that side and only a narrow trail for the meater reader led to it. The undergrowth was up against the bunkhouse on the right side of the picture! By the time I had the largest part of the brush and briers cleaned out of the front yard, I knew that the job was too large for us to do by hand. So I called a young man with a bulldozer......... Smart move!!



Picture #3 reflects the hard work that went into improving the grounds.
And picture #4 show’s that Jo and I have doubled the size of our,
(Little House on the Mountain)…!




Tammy said...

I'm here from Jo's to say "hidy" to you and admire your handy work. We once renovated a house back in Ky and I know all of the hard work involved. I admire that!

I also am a transplant to Ohio and I can so relate to what you said in your profile about some of the vista's bringing tears to your eyes...sometimes all I can do is just sit speechless and in awe at the beauty around me!

Have a great day J.D.!!

Blossomcottage said...

Hi J.D.
thank you for calling by Blossomcottage, and thank you for the tip toeing the flowers will be grateful for that. Your Little House int the Mountain looks amazing, I too have bought properties that hide under years and years of undergrowth and I love appearing from the depths of Gods Garden and making it my own( not that God doesn't do a good job but but he's not to handy with the shears and cutters!)I will call again.
Love Blossom

J.D. Scorpio said...

Thank you for your visit and comment, and you are always welcome..... JD

Anonymous said...

J.D. I like your place, I will post some of my own place, as I become more familiar with such things. How did you add your fav. blogs to your dashboard?

Be well,

Steve said...

I finally got a chance to have a look at your blog now I'm back home.

I envy the place you've got. Donna and I would love something like that, especially after spending the last week of our holiday in the countryside in England.

Jewel said...

JD your place looks absolutely wonderful. We live in a little valley in SE Ohio and we love it. I can't imagine living anywhere else. We had to clear the land here, too. Lots of brush, those wild rose bushes, briars. It was a job but well worth the hard work.