Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ordering on line

~Another Pet Peeve~
Ordering on line and their return policies

Have you ever ordered a product though the Internet? And after 4 to 6 weeks it gets to your address. You open the package and find that it isn’t what you ordered or, it doesn’t work, or it’s broken? No matter what the reason, you have to send it back to be exchanged, replaced or fixed? Now, this is where the fun starts! You find the contact number on the shipping label; it’s a toll free number, good thing! It has been my experience that most of the time a woman will answer with something that sounds like, “Thank you for calling, then name the company,”, how may I help you?” Then the fun starts again because you can’t understand half of what she is saying because of her accent that can’t be recognized! Then you start explaining your problem to her and she asks for your name, address, phone number, date of purchases, date of delivery. Then she asks for the item number, shipping code and a hundred more questions. After you give all those answers, she tells you that she is connecting you with the shipping department and there comes that music indicating you are on hold!! And every 3 minutes or so, a recording will come on telling you that you are a valued customer and waiting for the next available operator! Well, that always told me that I need to get a good soft cushion and a tall glass of something to drink because I was going to be there for a while! FINALLY.. A voice on the other end said, “How can I help you?” Well you take it for granted that ALL that information you spent so long dishing out before was all entered on their computer…. NOT..!! All over again! By this time your butt is so sore you feel like saying, “To hell with it”! But, you hang in there because you have a good bit of $$$ tied up in this product and after you have gone through all the information again, the guy on the other end tells you that he has it all entered and is transferring the call to Human Resources to document my claim and there comes that infernal music again, after what seemed like 2 hours, a voice comes on and asks, How may I help you, I tell her what the other guy said and she asked, “What was his name”? Yep, you guessed it………Remember that old song, ‘Starting All Over Again’! _^&^%$&^*

Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.


sue said...

I DO try and be so patient in situations like this, I KNOW the folks on the other end of the phone are just doing a job, like everyone else... but I have to agree with the "accent" thing... now, I am a new englander and I know we can be hard to understand.. but put that with another and it can spell trouble!!! oh well, deep breath, remembering God loves them too... and then.. hang up and see if you can get someone else :-)

J.D. Scorpio said...

Hey Sue:
Thanks for stopping by. Your visits are always welcomed.

Jo and JD said...

You have been tagged to take part in 'Link Loving 2008'. Come by my blog for the details...

I am enjoying your blogs.