Saturday, January 5, 2008

My pet Peeves

My pet Peeves
I don’t know how many of you got that e-mail that was going around back in September, I think it was, that how nice it would be to send a few extra Christmas cards addressed to Walter Reed Hospital for a recovering American Soldier. Well I got one and I sent 6 cards. Today I got them all back marked, “Return to sender”…! I understand now that they will not accept them unless they are addressed to a specific soldier…! Now that really got to me, for the life of me, I can’t understand why they couldn’t just pass them out, and the soldiers could pass them around!
I just wonder how many cards were ”returned to sender”?
What do you think….?

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S. said...

J.D., many churches and school organizations sent cards this year, but they have to go to a specific address and can't be addressed to "any soldier." I wish I had the address handy but you can probably call your local VA and find out. The reason is that they want to preview the letters and make sure they contain encouraging messages to our service men and women. The concern is that someone might use the "any American soldier" address to send demoralizing messages to our recovering soldiers. Hard to imagine how mean a person would have to be to do that, but the hospital's attitude is better safe than sorry. Just re-address those letters and send them to the corrected address; I'm sure they'll be appreciated.