Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Outhouse

OOOOOH that country living, you got’a love it…!

This is our back-up, a fully functional, organic out house..
Complete with pictures, calendar, wash basin/pitcher, magazines, air freshener and a coal oil lamp.
We are contemplating putting in a small wood burning heater for our winter comfort.
You might call it, ‘The ultimate in togetherness’…!

- Inside view-

You know, as I sit here talking about our outhouse, my thoughts wonder back to the one I had to use as a child. Now that one had none of the conveniences that our organic outhouse has! No air freshener, it was one of those that made you wish your neck was long enough to reach the door for fresh air…! I’m sure that there are some folks out there that
know just what I mean, and know
what the Sears Roebuck catalog was for too, not reading, that’s for sure. No wash basin or calendar either. The pages in the new Sears Catalogs are hi-gloss, no help there…!
To be continued……


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

J.D., believe it or not, even though I am 36 years young, I have visited a few of these "Organic Outhouses". However, I do not ever recall them being this nice.

I recall as a young girl spending many weekends with my grandma who, at the time, had an outhouse that really scared me. It had bugs of all kinds, spider webs, and it definately did not have an air freshner nor did it have a toilet seat.

But, I must say, I would love to be able to go to Grandma's and use her outhouse. I miss her so much....

Thanks for reminding me of the simple things in life and how much we take for granted every day.