Monday, January 14, 2008


We, the working men and women work our butts off to earn enough to keep a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and cloths on our backs. And that’s after TAXES, and that’s not always enough to do the job. These folks are what are referred to as (the middle class)! Now, our taxes are taken out of our pay checks before we get it. Now, most of the business owners pay quarterly, by-annually or annually! OK, now it bugs the devil out of me when they get so far behind in their TAXES that it’s impossible to pay it back. But, hey, that’s ok; there are outfits out there that will negotiate that amount down for you. One man got on TV and told us that he owed $200,000.00 to the IRS and this amount was negotiated down to $40,000.00! Now that makes me wonder, who has to make up that $160.000.00??? That amount would have gone a long way to help a school district in financial trouble! Or helped fix a few pot holes in an interstate somewhere! But no, that school district had to raise taxes to cover that $160,000.00, or those pot holes will just have to stay there and make people dodge them and get into a finder binder in the process, or worse! That is just a couple of examples of the problems that can, and will come up! Think of all the negotiating going on every day to, in my opinion, cheat on their taxes! Now, If I could go that long without paying my taxes and get the total up there where I would, ‘qualify’, and all the time rat-holing what I was supposed to have been paying all along, then have someone negotiate the total down by 75%, hey, I would come out smelling like a ROSE!! And you would be covering for ME… How about that…!! We, the middle class are the ones that are covering for these people that are doing all the NEGOTIATING!!! Just gets my goat!
That’s another one of my opinions..!!
~And Pet Peeves~
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MYSTI said...

This totally floors me also! So many hardworking honest people out in our society get taxes taken out of their paychecks every week. To have someone come along, not pay, then cry when they get this huge bill in the mail that the amount can never be paid, and it is negotiated down? Wow must be nice! It is just flat out wrong. No one likes to pay taxes, but doing so helps our country in a lot of ways.

Good post.